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Animal Recognizing Itself In A Mirror Or Understanding What It Sees (or hears) On TV

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Animals we respect the intelligence of - our pet dogs and cats, perhaps
monkeys used in experiments in laboratories, seem not to have the simple(to our minds) capability of understanding the function of a mirror, and know its themselves, or even an animal of a similar kind that's being reflected.

Similarly, at least the dogs I've had experience with, have always been
unresponsive to dogs barking or in pictures on TV.  I have seen and heard of some exceptions.

I'd like to see a photo of your dog or cat, etc. that seems to understand a reflection or an image being related to him or her, on TV or in a mirror etc. I'm sure there are some examples. Do you think this understanding can be instilled by the pets owner though any training process ?
asked Jul 12, 2014 in Animals & Creatures by HenryNewYork (116 points)
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