Contents Of Your Fridge

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asked Nov 9, 2012 in Food & Cooking by Ada Leny (240 points)
This one is just for fun. Go to your fridge and take a picture displaying the content of their fridge.

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This bottle with a little black and orange sign is only a chlorine powder for my brewery :)
fridge full of food

commented Jan 5, 2013 by Max Lootus (130 points)
That orange sign with the black X, what does it mean? Is it highly flammable explosive or highly toxic. It would be funny to see your dinner party guest's faces if you open the fridge and they see that in  there. It would be even more effective to have something in the fridge with the picture of the skull and it would say poison on it. :)
commented Jan 5, 2013 by Max Lootus (130 points)
Also, I have looked at your profile and all the pictures you have posted, these are really interesting. I would like to see a picture of your brewery also, I am sure that would be interesting. Should I make a picture request for it?
commented Jan 5, 2013 by bobomasha (473 points)
Max, I've taken a photo of my brewery, so if you make a request, I will post it. Just to warn you, it is very small brewery - don't expect large tanks and kilometers of pipes  ;)
commented Jan 6, 2013 by Max Lootus (130 points)
Thank you, I have posted a picture request for the brewery now. :)
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Contents of the fridge

This is the fridge in my son’s house, that is quite normal for him.

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An open refrigerator

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Needs to go to the grocery, I guess.Needs to go to the grocery

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This my refrigrator! lol

this my refrigrator

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Inside our Fridge.

 Contents of our Fridge

This is how our fridge after our nephew's visit during holidays.