Your Car

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asked Nov 27, 2012 in Motoring & Transport by Blue (110 points)
The kind of car you drive says a lot about you.  Lets see your vehicles.

5 Images Posted for This Snap Request

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answered Nov 27, 2012 by Flax (158 points)
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Here's my car.  It's a 2011 Volkswagen Golf TDI Diesel.vw colf tdi

commented Jan 12, 2013 by Roach (151 points)
I love the shape of this car. Really great share Flax, thanks for taking your time to do this picture.
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answered Dec 27, 2012 by bobomasha (473 points)
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my blue car

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answered Jan 20, 2013 by Hando Kroon (481 points)


Although self healing most of the time, this time needed serious medical attention and had to call the ambulance.

commented Jan 20, 2013 by Simon Hank (268 points)
I think you need a new car.
commented Jan 21, 2013 by Hando Kroon (481 points)
I would like to get a newer model but I have got so used to it over the years and we know each other so well, may not get that connection with the new one. :)
commented Jan 21, 2013 by Roach (151 points)
Did your car survive at the hospital? It always sucks when cars break down as we rely on them so much.
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answered Dec 5, 2012 by Fabio Bielli (493 points)
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Renault Clio

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answered Jan 1, 2013 by Imran Khan (220 points)
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this is my car

commented Jan 5, 2013 by Max Lootus (130 points)
What model is this car, looks really nice, but I have never seen it before.
commented Jan 21, 2013 by Roach (151 points)
I am the same as you Max. I really like the look of this car and would like to know the model.