Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

SnapRequest is a global online community in which participants can request a snapshot of anything they need or want to see. Like other communities online, we have a core set of guidelines that must be followed by all members. Your use of is subject to our community guidelines and our terms and conditions.

Requesting Snapshots

  • Choose an appropriate category.
  • Use clear and descriptive headline only.
  • Use any additional information required to specify what image you are requesting exactly, be as detailed as possible.
  • Use tags so that the request and snapshots will be found easily by others.
  • Use a minimum of 1 tag and a maximum of 5 tags.

Categorise Correctly

Categorize your image request correctly. Placing your snapshot request in the right category helps it to be seen by people who can post the snapshot you are interested in.

Using Tags

It is required that you use a minimum of one tag when posting and snapshot request. Tags are the main keywords that are used to describe your image request, very similar to categories but more detailed. Addition to categories, tags help other members to find your snapshot request and images posted and they also help to organize images based on information provided.

Separate tags with a comma and keep each tag to either a one, two or three-word phrase maximum. You can look on the tag page to see what tags others are using to get an idea.

Always use correct spelling for tags.

Snapshot Posting Guidelines

All the snapshot requests will stay open indefinitely so you can receive responses and respond to any request regardless when it was posted.

  • Only use snapshots that you have taken yourself.
  • Your image must be at least reasonable quality.
  • Your snapshot must be what has been requested or reasonable interpretation of the request.
  • Use up to date snapshots if relevant.
  • Keep your image width 500 px exactly.
  • Add a description to your image, what is on the snapshot, when and where it was taken or any other information or interesting facts related to the image.

Look at step by step tutorial how to post your snapshot.

Leaving Comments

Comments are for:

  • Clarifying what has been requested.
  • Commenting on snapshots.
  • Commenting on snap request.
  • Discussing the snapshots.
  • Clarifying or correcting any information.

Do not leave short comments like: Thank you. Nice image or Well done and so on but rather use the vote button.

Choosing The Best Snapshot

You can only choose the best snapshot if you are the person who requested it. The request remains open, even after you have chosen the best image so that other people can still post their snapshots. You can change your choice of the best image if you decide that a new snapshot is better than previous one.


Any registered and logged in member can vote on images, however, the person that posted the snapshot cannot vote for their own image. You can only leave one vote for each snapshot.

Voting Down

There is an option to dislike or vote down an image, however, you must have clear reasons for doing so. You should only vote down if you believe that the image is not what was requested, inaccurate, misleading, bad quality or poorly taken. If you feel that the snapshot is completely off topic, spammy or extremely bad quality or promotional then you should flag it so that site moderators can remove it.

Always vote down sparingly as in most cases people are just trying to help.

Points System has a point system to reward the community members for posting helpful and details snapshots and for being active members of the website. Creating multiple accounts or using third party services or automated systems to manipulate point scores is not allowed. It is strictly prohibited to soliciting other members for points or votes.

What Not To Do On

Spamming and vandalizing the site. The purpose of this site is to provide a platform to request and post snapshots of various things. Therefore, links and other forms of advertising and promoting are not permitted in general community areas of the website. Self-promotion or promotion of a business or organization should be reserved for your profile page only.

  • We do not tolerate any kind of cyber bullying, hatred, racism and harassing, insults, and obscenities.
  • Do not post any sexually explicit content or images.
  • Do not post stock photos.
  • Do not post photos and images that infringe the legal rights of others, such as material that is defamatory or that makes use of copyrighted content without permission from the owner.

Please exercise caution if you choose to disclose personally identifiable images and other information on this website. Remember that snapshots and other information may remain indefinitely in the publicly accessible or shared area.

Members who violate the website rules and guidelines above may have their accounts deleted and banned from our system. Any serious or deliberate violation may result in the user's IP address and email address being reported to spam databases and their web hosts.

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