Member Levels And Permissions

Member Levels And Permissions

To encourage participation, keep track of user activity and reward great snapshots, has member levels based on points. The number of points each member receives depends on the specific action they take. While points can not be used to redeem or purchase anything, they do allow other users to recognize how active each member has been or what is their role in the community.


Guest is an unregistered site visitor or member who is not logged in. Guest can view all the requests and answers as well as all the other site content including members user profiles. Guest can not use any site function except search function and can not request any snapshots, comment or post images.

Registered User

Anyone who signs up and confirms their email address becomes registered user. This member level allows users to log in to the front-end interface and their user account section. Registered users can freely and fully contribute content by requesting snapshots and posting snapshots and leaving comments. Register users can also flag posts, vote on posts, edit their own snap requests, images and comments and use any other site function available.


Expert level is given to registered user by moderators or administrators after the user has gained a minimum of 1000 points. Any member who has reached 1000 point mark can apply to become an Expert member. If you have 1000 or more points and you are interested in becoming an expert member then contact site administrator with your request. The site administrator will review your user account and Expert status will be given if appropriate. The site administrator will take into account question and answer ratio, quality of images posted, votes received and overall user behavior. This member level will give you an ability to add PayPal donate button to your account and other extra permission will be given as the site evolves. This member level will also show that you have been active and trusted member and have comprehensive knowledge how this site works and what is happening here. Being an Expert will also give you an option to apply for editor and moderator level permissions if you wish to do so and if there are editor or moderator positions available.

Editors And Moderators

Any member who is at Expert level can apply for one of these positions. Being an editor or a moderator requires some extra time and commitment therefore not all the members might want to take up that responsibility. However, any member who wishes to do so will gain some extra permissions which include: editing snap requests, editing comments and posted snapshots, hiding and showing posts and comments, re-categorizing posts, approving, rejecting or deleting posts and more.

Further details of these positions will be discussed and agreed between the member and site administrators when applying for the position and detailed instructions and guidelines will be given.

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