Points And Action

Points help users to become trusted and established members and are a good indicator of user activity and quality. Also, various Member Levels, Privileges, And Permissions may be given to the member based on those points.

When you register and become a member you are automatically given 100 points. Each member will gain or lose points when a certain action is performed.

The table below lists points gained per action:

  •    All registered users starting out: 100 points
  •    Posting a snapshot request: 1 point
  •    Selecting the best image for your request: 1 point
  •    Posting a snapshot: 10 points
  •    Having your snapshot selected as the best: 20 points
  •    Per up/down vote on your snapshot: ±5 points
  •    Voting up a snapshot: 1 point
  •    Voting down a snapshot: 1 point
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